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Hey ya'll! Thanks for visiting our Toadily Creative blog, About us?

We're just two southern full-time working Moms with five wonderfully busy children ages ranging from 2, up to 22.  Let's just say we run from daycare to college.  Being very active parents, godparents and best friends for over ten years, we sort of found ourselves struggling together through life to try and get our own piece of the "American Pie".  Being on tight budgets, we sort of do everything together, bulk rate you could say.  We met through a youth sports association, where we had the same love for baseball, football and cheerleading.  We carried the same work ethics about our volunteer work for children, and through the time we spent together we quickly became best friends.  

We noticed about three years ago that we both had a huge D-I-Y look at life, and an even larger craft habit.  Constantly trying new things, seeing products and saying, "that gives me an idea" or "we could totally personalize this". Friends and relatives saying "can you make me one of those?" or "Hey! can you do this?"- and by word of mouth, a passion to try new things, and a love of personalized gifts for friends and family, we started the ToadilyCreative "make every gift personal" craft idea.

By way of friends, family, and the occasional craft show in local areas, we share our passion of crafting and making personalized gifts.  Not to mention, it helps offset our "craft-habit" costs.  We both have a hand in anything we send out- with one being a creative mind and the other being the mind that knows how to get it done, every item we do has that touch of hand crafted in the USA... even better- hand crafted in the south!

Again, Thanks for joining us on our little DIY-craft-pretty path through life!

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